Forrest Presents... an old style musical revue with a house band and beer.

It's been a few years since the first Forrest Presents showcase went down and Aeronaut Brewing Co. in Somerville has been the headquarters for nearly all of 'em. It began as a longing for the early days of Stax and Motown, when musicians and songwriters got together to collaborate without the high stakes bullshittery of the businessman looking for his cut, where house bands like The Funk Brothers and Booker T. & the M.G.'s rose up and declared themselves unto the scene, shepherding the sounds of singers and songwriters along the way. It's an era that has been romanticized by many a musician operating in todays ever elusive, always evolving music "community" more and more rooted in the infinite abyss of the internet. 

So long story short, this bearded dude (pictured above) decided to subvert the paradigm of the information age and just do it old school. Go see some live music, perform your material, meet other musicians and songwriters and hopefully convince them to show up and play with little to no rehearsal and mostly for beer and high fives. Out of this artistic 'give no fucks, just feel it' model came a long forgotten approach to music, creativity, collaboration, and abandon of ego. 

So if you find yourself sauntering around Somerville on Friday February 16th, stop by the shop for a beer and take in some truly organic, hopefully original sounds from the Forrest Presents house band featuring Meaghan Casey and me!


xenia dunford