Pause. Honorable Mention. Resume Play.

For the last two months I was living like a glorified hobo, as many of my millennial contemporaries do from time to time, to experience what life is like untethered to the tight knit fabric of society. In other words, I briefly abandoned my normative adult routine to save money before embarking on an impending Midwest move. So my boyfriend, my two cats and I moved in with my mom and her two dogs to spend our final weeks in Vermont amongst friends and family. I often found myself knee deep in dirt or with a book in my hands, picking up odd jobs when my pockets shrunk and performing songs both bitter and sweet for the past and for the future. It was certainly a short lived life full of privilege and devoid of responsibility; restorative, relaxing and relatively dull.

Fast forward two months and here I am, sandwiched between the cushions of my Craigslisted couch, blogging about metaphorically pushing the pause button on my life. So I guess it’s time to resume play and get back to work. I don’t have any current news to report in regards to Xenia Dunford the product, so here’s a nice mention from my much loved, recently renounced hometown newspaper, Seven Days. “It’s Not Too Late”, off of Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within) Side A, was named Best Breakup song… unofficially.

Breakup songs are nothing new, but singer-songwriter Xenia Dunford adds nuance to the concept in her devastating song “It’s Not Too Late.” Off her 2018 EP, Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within) Side A, the track is hardly a “woe is me” sob story. Instead, the artist admits to having outwardly moved on (“I got a man who loves me and tells me so”), yet she can’t shake the lingering stain of the one who carved her insides out. (“But I can’t quite settle into these bones.”) It reminds us that people are complex and can simultaneously exist in two distinct places: content with the present but forever haunted by the past.
— Jordan Adams, Seven Days
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New music featuring The Aztext! Upcoming show with Aubrey Haddard! All that and not much else!

It's been a minute since I've posted. I've been vacationing practically full time these days and it's been very relaxing. So much so that finding a topic to discuss seems much too cumbersome mentally and with the physical additive of sporadically yet strategically prancing my fingertips against the keyboard, it all seems to require an unusual amount of effort that I simply do not have. So as of late I've stopped before even considering starting and honestly I've got almost no complaints. Yet, I have forgone my time for contemplation (and self promotion) so again, here I am to deliver some mildly exciting information in regards to Xenia Dunford the product.

Above is Everyday Sun, a track I collaborated on with Burlington hip hop duo The Aztext.  I definitely took influence from their words in regards to the thematic direction of the hook, but the beat itself is so energetic and buoyant that sun and summer motifs were the natural progression for me. On the page, figuratively speaking, that seems a little cookie cutter, but for someone who gravitates toward the darker themes of human consciousness, I think it's important to write uplifting songs with positive messages, if only to keep an even keel.

Politically speaking, which is something I rarely do, this song ruminates on the glass half full perspective in a three minute optimists guide to surviving Trump's presidency with all the moral and ethical upheaval he and his deranged cronies bring with them. Ok, it's not really that political, but that's my message and I'm fucking sticking to my buns.


In other news, I'm taking a break from doing relatively nothing to play a show with the super groovy, always fierce Aubrey Haddard in support of her album release! The show is Friday July 13th at the Light Club Lamp Shop in Burlington. Her album 'Blue Part' has been on repeat for me and this track is right up there as one of my ass shaking anthems of the summer.

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PSA: Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within) Double EP Available Now on all Major Platforms
 photo by Lucas Zimmermann

photo by Lucas Zimmermann

PSA: Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within) Side A/B are now available for streaming on all major platforms! That means you can binge listen, share, follow, curate or whatever else you may feel like to your hearts content any time, any place. How strange I should allude to Janet Jackson's sensual slow jam... OH that reminds me! You should check out my latest playlist featuring women artists that call out to me right now. It's called Siren Songs and features timeless greats and fresh tracks I can't get enough of, spanning decades and genres. There may be a Xenia Dunford original on there, but hey, I can like myself too. 

If you haven't yet please follow your girl on Spotify, I don't know how, but it helps me look good. 

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