Behind the Scenes at Noise Ordinance HQ...

Angie and I braved the freeze and headed over to the Noise Ordinance studio for some songs and hangs on a sub zero Sunday morning. We played a few of my original tunes and Angie brought all the feels with the moog synth and vocal harmonies. The good folks over at Noise Ordinance filmed and recorded the whole thing and soon it'll be out into the webiverse for ya'll to binge and share. 

photos by Shawn Cimonetti (@shawncimonetti)

Rocket Shop Live at ArtsRiot 11.15.17

Last month I was humbled to be a part of the monthly series Rocket Shop Live, presented by Big Heavy World and 105.9FM The Radiator. The concert was broadcasted live on the radio, filmed by the good people at RETN and debuted on TV last week and here is a video of my performance of "Nowhere To Hide". Hope you like it.