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A number of weeks ago I released the first half of a collection of songs entitled Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within); you can read about Side A here, and now I'm eager to share with you the second and final act a.k.a. Side B. Recorded at the legendary Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA, the sessions were engineered by Joel Edinberg (he also mixed the tracks) and the record was mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering in Boston. The project was ushered into existence by my friend and long time collaborator, Forrest Pettengill, who led the sessions and produced the EP. The four songs that make up Side B were recorded sporadically over an eleven month stretch and feature a slew of musicians whom I adore. Brian Sokol is on drums and Hammond B-3, Forrest Pettengill on electric and upright bass, Parker Richey on lap steel guitar, Josie Lowder on electric guitar, Julia Mark and Joanna Schubert on background vocals, Cody Nilsen on pedal steel, Elena Korableva on cello and Sue Buzzard on violin. 

If you're all caught up on your reading, you already know that the two year period in which I was working on these two separate, yet concurrent recording projects was one marked by heavy inner turmoil and conflict. I saw myself and my output through a very obscured lens and I wasted a lot of time because of the fear and doubt I manifested within myself. Coupled with the fact that I had an albums worth of seemingly disparate material, it was a dilemma that took into question my intention behind this release. I still don't really know the answer, but I did learn to recognize the healing power of acceptance and openness throughout the process of figuring it all out. 

What I found was Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within) Sides A and B. Whatever it was, it was honest. And painful and exciting. It was apologetic and sentimental and dismissive at the same time. It was fortuitous and wistful and lingered longer than expected. It existed. It's free.  

xenia dunford
Noise Ordinance Studio Session is LIVE. Check it out...

Back in January Angie and I stopped into the Noise Ordinance studio on a subzero Sunday morning and recorded three songs. The session was filmed by Kayhl Cooper and Shawn Cimonetti, engineered by Charlie Hill, produced by Rob Liu and Betsy Rose Besser. Angie Mae Lizotte accompanies on harmonies and Moog synth. Please take the time to watch and share if you like. It was a real pleasure working with these folks and they do this a lot so maybe check out and dive into past projects. But not before you watch mine... snap to it now!

xenia dunford
Waking Windows 2018 - Full Band Show at Scout & Co. 5/5 @ 3:30PM

Winter's over. Mud season is upon us. Time to celebrate with the greatest little hometown festival there ever was. Actually... it's getting kind of big (just take a gander at the lineup). 

I'll be performing with a full band at Scout & Co. on Saturday at 3:30pm. It's one of the few free venues for music so if being noncommittal is your thing, definitely swing by... or don't! I get it, that's your thing. 

If you're like hells yes I wouldn't miss seeing all these national and local acts in one unique festival experience for the freaking world then buy your ticket now!


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