photo by Jessica Wright Moore

A musical nomad and unabashedly honest lyricist, Xenia's music is made of the stuff of life. Her songs are deeply rooted in and inspired by her own experience, yet manifested from the conditions that plague and inspire us all as humans. 

She is a college dropout, a studied and spontaneous singer, a self taught multi-instrumentalist, a songwriter, a waiter, a story teller, a mislabeled millennial, a spiritual agnostic, and reckless on whiskey. 

Born in Massachusetts, Xenia’s wanderlust has brought her to Barcelona, Philadelphia, Block Island, Los Angeles, and Vermont, all of which she still calls home. Xenia currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

Xenia Dunford, whose career we’ve been following and championing for a half-decade now, has one of the great voices in music. Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within) is an adept, late-night telling of emotive lessons.
— Ryan's Smashing Life
Guts: Literally, we all have them. But whether someone figuratively has guts is not so universal. For example, it’s easy to be self-deprecating when you’re trying to make people laugh. But when you pair that with darkly intimate and candid expressions of your innermost thoughts and desires, well, that’s gutsy. Burlington singer-songwriter Xenia Dunford demonstrates as much on her new EP, Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within) Side A.
— Jordan Adams, Seven Days